23 Amazing Vegetarian Quinoa Recipes

All the quinoa you could ever wish for.

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Straight from the Forq Kitchen!
by Becca Pusey

23 Amazing Vegetarian Quinoa Recipes

All the quinoa you could ever wish for

I’ve told you time and time again how versatile quinoa is, and I thought it was about time I showed you proof! Here are 23 of my favourite vegetarian quinoa recipes from some of the world’s top food bloggers–recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert. I bet some of their methods for using quinoa will surprise you!

Let’s start with one of my own quinoa recipes…

My caramelised butternut squash and quinoa burritos, from my blog Amuse Your Bouche, make an incredible lunch or dinner. These burritos aren’t stuffed with your usual Mexican-style flavours. Instead, there’s a beautifully sweet caramelised butternut squash mixture, with fluffy quinoa and fresh green spinach. The flavours are to die for!

But, if you are a fan of Mexican flavours, that can be done too! Try these quinoa nachos from Fit Foodie Finds. The quinoa is piled high along with corn, fresh coriander, jalapeños, and black beans to make for a healthy, yet unbelievably delicious, lunch.

I bet some of these ways of using quinoa will surprise you!

If you need a quinoa recipe more worthy of a cold winter evening, try The Roasted Root’s sweet potato and quinoa stew. It’s creamy, it’s comforting, and it’s got a touch of spice to warm you right to your bones.

As you can see from this quinoa and broccoli bake from Choosing Raw, there are just as many comfort food-style quinoa recipes as there are super duper healthy ones. But despite this bake’s cheesy appearance, it’s entirely vegan – the ‘cheese’ sauce is made from cashew nuts and chickpeas! This bake is a real protein bomb.

Here’s another cheesy bake, this time of the not-so-vegan variety: quinoa quiche from Noshing With The Nolands. This quiche doesn’t have a crust – instead, it’s bulked up by (you guessed it!) quinoa, and packed with fresh green veg. Who said quiche couldn’t be healthy?

This fresh-looking kale and quinoa salad from A Dish Of Daily Life can be thrown together in just twenty minutes! The simple dressing, made with lemon juice, mustard and honey, really lifts the salad to another level.

Did you know you could grind down quinoa that’s been soaked in water overnight to make an amazing pizza base? That’s exactly what Simply Quinoa did – look at this incredible quinoa pizza crust! You’d never believe there was no kneading involved.

You can also make a great pizza crust with cooked quinoa, eggs and cheese. Here, The Wholesome Dish has added even more cheese on top to make cheesy garlic bread. I think this girl might be my soulmate.

Here’s another Italian favourite that’s been quinoa-ified: lasagne! This quinoa lasagne from Recipes From A Pantry is made with heaps of fresh courgette (zucchini), tomatoey quinoa, and a yogurt-based béchamel sauce. No pasta in sight!

If your kids aren’t into vegetables, why not try sneaking them some quinoa in their dessert instead? These peanut butter quinoa muffins from Kitchen Treaty are as adorable as they are delicious – and they’re pretty healthy too, with applesauce, coconut oil, and all-natural peanut butter. If there’s anything better than a mini muffin, it’s a guilt-free mini muffin.

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Or, you might prefer this quinoa pudding from Five Heart Home. If you like rice pudding, you’ll love quinoa pudding: it’s sweet, it’s creamy, and it’s even kid-approved!

If you think quinoa is just something to throw in a pan for a quick weeknight dinner, you’re wrong: it’s easy to dress it up for a special occasion too. This holiday quinoa from I Am A Food Blog has pecans, cranberries, pears, and all sorts of other ingredients that make it perfect for your Christmas or Thanksgiving table.

Here’s another variation on a quinoa salad: Flourishing Foodie’s kale and quinoa salad with apples, cranberries, and a maple dressing. Kale is another superfood that’s risen in popularity lately – it’s full of nutrients, and stands up really well to bold flavours and salad dressings.

There’s kale in these stuffed starburst squash from Platter Talk too, along with walnuts, black beans, and even a cheeky glug of white wine. Pile it high!

If you ever have any leftover quinoa, why not combine it with black beans and a cashew cheese sauce to make these stuffed peppers from My Whole Food Life? Better yet: they’re cooked in the slow cooker! Serve them with a green salad and you’ve got a healthy, low-effort dinner.

This next quinoa recipe requires a little more hands-on time, but it’s worth it. American Heritage Cooking’s quinoa meatballs are perfect served with pasta and tomato sauce – and a good handful of grated cheese, of course!

Quinoa can be great to add a bit of extra nutrition to recipes without affecting their taste. A perfect example is this quinoa uthappam from Veg Inspirations. Uthappam is a kind of pancake that’s usually made with ground rice and lentils, but this version works perfectly with quinoa thrown into the mix too!

If you can find a better food combination than tomatoes, basil and mozzarella, I want to hear about it – and this caprese quinoa bake from Half Baked Harvest has all three! Love that crispy cheese topping.

If you’re lucky enough to have an abundance of fresh summer fruit, breakfast is the perfect time to eat it. Try piling it high on Skinnytaste’s quinoa breakfast bowls! These bowls are easily customisable with whatever fruit you have to hand; most things will go well with creamy quinoa drizzled with honey!

If you’re more of a pancake person, there’s a quinoa recipe for you too! I could eat a whole stack of these wholewheat banana quinoa pancakes from Ambitious Kitchen.

These kimchi quinoa burgers from Food To Glow definitely look more exciting than the veggie burgers I’m often served in restaurants! Don’t forget the incredible avocado mayonnaise!

If you fancy a take away (which, in my case, is most days of the week), why not make your own quinoa fried rice instead. This curried version from Connoisseurus Veg is healthy, full of flavour, and can be ready in less time than it takes the delivery guy to come knocking!

And so, we have come to the last (but definitely not least) quinoa recipe. Here’s one more dessert – because there’s always room for one more dessert. Especially one like this quinoa crisp from Hummusapien! Fresh blueberries and peaches, topped with a quinoa- and oat-based crumble. Delish!

So, I’ve quinoa recipes to cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Have I missed anything? If you’ve got an unusual quinoa recipe (even more unusual than those I’ve shared above!), make sure to tell us all about it in the Forq app.

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Becca Pusey

Becca Pusey is a freelance recipe developer and food writer based in Hertfordshire, UK. She blogs over at Amuse Your Bouche, where she shares her favourite simple vegetarian recipes using everyday ingredients. She aims to show that vegetarian food can be just as easy to make, just as satisfying, and just as tasty as any meat dish. Oh, and she likes cheese, a lot.

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23 Quinoa Recipes, Best of the Web

All the quinoa you could ever wish for!

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