Five Foods. Five Cities. Five Stars.

Food. Where would we even begin explaining what has compelled this small band of friends at FORQ to innovate on the very human experience of sharing food? And who are we to do it, anyway? We are app makers and engineers and product managers and designers, to be sure. But…are we chefs? Are we gardeners? Are we preservation experts? Are we kitchen managers? Are we restaurateurs? Are we masters in any way of culinary experience?

Before the questions, with their pressing need to be answered, stack too high, remember that the questions will always frame the conversation itself. Masters? Experts? Any food channel will strive to demonstrate mastery through some form of culinary credentialing. They will feature chefs, and famous restaurants, and popular bloggers with huge followings, and trends in professional cooking techniques, and how many different versions of a recipe were tested to get a perfect result. And we love that! That’s all good stuff. We would never say that pedigree in the culinary world isn’t important.

However, food is eaten every day by The Human Race. Everywhere. Food is not constrained, nor is it defined, by masters, celebrities or iconoclasts. The preparation and sharing of food is the grandest of human practices at the largest scale imaginable; it is something nearly every human participates in, has experience with, has struggled with, and has strong preferences over. Making and sharing food is common to us all and because of this, because we at FORQ decided we believe as much in the foods we make in our own kitchens as the food we’ve eaten in fine places, we wanted an app that would celebrate food made by people like us. Meaning…people. Everywhere. In all our shapes and sizes and traditions and techniques, whether formal or ‘passed down.’ It would be a revelation about who we are, what we are capable of, and the depth of our joy for living.

Revelation, then. Let that be the focus of our shared experience and our purpose here at FORQ, not only because sharing food is a process of discovery, but because that process is one we revel in. Here at FORQ it’s not just food that is our mission, but the sharing of food and everything that sharing invokes: tradition, culture, family, adventure, resourcefulness, scarcity, abundance, cooperation. We are a community of foodies from every country, every corner of the world, and we believe with conviction that food is better when both tradition and memory are preserved, celebrated, and passed on.

That’s why we’ve developed a broadcast channel here, outside the FORQ app, whose purpose is to share widely and generously an exciting range of food experiences from our own FORQ Test Kitchen as well as from among our app users. There is a wide and growing body of content within FORQ which we want you to browse, consume and enhance. Likewise, we are curating and promoting items that really stand out to us so that you can get to know what exactly we’re on to here. FORQ is on the hunt for dishes that are iconic, surprising, achievable, and packed with the kind of flavor that will get your attention and keep you coming back. Think of our kitchen as a private tasting room, where ideas come from everywhere, but the final experience is cultivated to provide you with a number of strong options around a single food, season, or event.

Join us at FORQ for what we we are calling a grand adventure; help us explore and define it. Share not only your dishes, but the memories and traditions surrounding your favorite foods. Explore our channel here. Dive deeper in the app. Define the conversation by the food you share and the questions you ask. FORQ is food. And you make it better.

July XX, 2015: the FORQ Test Kitchen launches with the new release of of our App!

Five Foods! That’s what the Forq Test Kitchen is launching with this week. We’ve developed exciting, original content centered on five popular foods including: Salmon, Quinoa, Asparagus, Spaghetti Squash, and Meatloaf. Yes–even meatloaf. When we looked into which foods we would feature on this channel, we noticed a huge interest in how to cook these foods. Not *only* these foods; to be honest, we noticed a huge interest in ‘how to cook’ in general. So what we liked about these foods is how accessible and common they are, deceptive in their appearance of simplicity, and yet, how many of you have had a meatloaf you would swear should never have been put on a serving platter? Did you know meatloaf could be transformed into Polpettone, Pork Apple & Mustard Meatloaf, or even Indian-Style Kofta Meatloaf? As we start out with these five foods, we’re hoping the depth of recipes we’re providing gives you a chance to really explore the base food itself, whether a starting ingredient like salmon or a starting concept like meatloaf. The more you play, the more flavors you try, the more regions you look to for inspiration, the more you’ll understand what a particular food is capable of in your own kitchen and what you can do with it to surprise and delight the hungry people at your table.

Five Cities? Five Stars? We’ll be taking Forq on the road! With your feedback and your content, we’ll be visiting five cities somewhere worldwide to explore how FORQ is working in far-flung kitchens, what kind of content you’ve shared, and what you’re doing with the foods we started with. Will we add more? Yes! Will we hit more cities? Sure! But everything we do will be defined by you and your feedback. Send in your content. Try the food. Share your traditions. Watch our videos. Whatever you do — be generous with your feedback! Rate rate rate. We’ll take your ratings and your feedback and make decisions about what to do next. Five stars really gets our attention. But come to think of it, so do four stars, three stars, two stars…and one star. Your feedback speaks volumes and we will tailor our content and define our outreach based on your insight and either your enthusiasm or your ambivalence.

Will we end up at Five Star restaurants? Sure! Will we end up in your kitchen, asking you to film a video with us cooking an incredible recipe you submitted? Possibly! Could we end up at your school, extolling the efforts of your innovative kitchen team? Of course! Would we try to connect your food with major restaurants around the globe, always looking for inspiration and new ideas? Absolutely! Would we film the whole experience? No question!!

Enough words! Get cooking! Give us your feedback! Try the food. Upload to the app the recipes you can’t do without. FORQ is happening, now, and we plan to be everywhere. With your thoughtful support and participation, we will be!

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