March 20, 2018 Sarah Lefebvre

These are 5 of the Best Recipes with Beer

Have some leftover beer you want to get rid of? Use it in some of these recipes with beer! This unique ingredient adds great flavor to whatever you cook it with. Depending on the beer you use, you can taste bitterness from the hops or the sweetness from the malt. It also makes a great marinade because the enzymes have a tenderizing effect!

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These are 5 of the Best Recipes with Beer

1. Beer Cheese

You can’t have a list of the best recipes with beer without Beer Cheese! It’s the beer cheeseperfect thing to dip pretzels in. I always enjoy making this dip when I’m going to watch a football game or am having people over. It’s always easy to grab a bag of hard pretzels, but I love pairing this cheesy dip with soft pretzels. You can usually get them in the frozen section of the grocery store, or make your own!

2. Beer and Honey BBQ Chicken Skewers

Beer makes an excellent marinade! If you want tender meats, consider putting beer in the marinade so the enzymes can begin to break it down. In these Beer and Honey BBQ Chicken Skewers, the flavor of the beer goes perfectly with the sweetness of the honey and the tang of the barbecue.

3. Bacon Beer Cheese Stromboli

Like beer cheese? Put it in Stromboli! This Bacon Beer Cheese Stromboli is the perfect way to get your beer cheese fix. It has an excellent, separate recipe for the beer cheese to add to the dough. Or, you could always whatever beer cheese you have left over! The bacon in this dish adds the perfect salty finish.

4. Beer Bread

Beer Bread is a delicious and simple quick bread. With minimal ingredients, it is very easy to make. The flavor the beer brings compliments the taste of the bread! My favorite part about this recipe is that it calls for melted butter poured over the bread. Yum!

5. Pimento Beer Cheese

pimento beer cheesePimento Beer Cheese combines two of my favorite cheese dips: pimento cheese and beer. The beer flavor really kicks this recipe up a notch. You have salty, sweet, and spicy all in one dip. My favorite way to eat this? With flat pretzels or put it on top of a burger!

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