February 19, 2018 Sarah Lefebvre

We Know the Best Homemade Sundae Toppings

Sometimes you have to satisfy your sweet tooth! Do it with a delicious bowl of ice cream and homemade sundae toppings. Store-bought toppings are great in a pinch, but once you have made your own, you’ll never go back! Get out your ice cream scoop and enjoy!

The Forq app is filled with tons of homemade sundae toppings! Scroll through to find some, or add your own!

The Best Homemade Sundae Toppings

Homemade Hot Fudge

homemade hot fudgeIf you are a chocolate lover, you would not even consider any homemade sundae toppings without Homemade Hot Fudge. Did you know that it is surprisingly easy to make? It’s just 4, simple ingredients! Plus, it doesn’t have any preservatives or artificial colors other store-bought fudges may have. Imagine that chocolatey sauce dripping down your ice cream. Yum!

Cookie Crumbles

Think cookies and cream ice cream, but better. When you add cookies to your own ice cream, you get to decide your cookie to ice cream ratio. I personally love lots of cookies! Mix them in or sprinkle them on top. My personal favorite is to warm up the cookie before adding the ice cream. Hot cookie and cold ice cream go perfectly together! For this, I love classic Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Candy Your Own Nuts

Why buy candied nuts when you can make them even better yourself? This recipe for Candied Walnuts will leave your mouth watering. Make a big batch to have on hand! But be careful; they’re so delicious, they won’t last long!

Add Fruits

Adding fruits to my ice cream is one of my favorite homemade sundae toppings. You can leave fresh fruits as-is, or you can sweeten them up a bit. Sometimes, I let sliced strawberries soak in a bit of sugar before adding them to vanilla ice cream with a bit of whipped cream. You can even take a recipe for pie filling like this Apple Pie Filling and cook it down over the stove before putting it on top of your sundae!

Make Some Caramel

Did you know that you can make caramel in the comfort of your own home? This homemade caramel recipe is for making individually wrapped candies, but you can also use it to pour the delicious, hot caramel over your ice cream. Sprinkle a little sea salt to bring it to the next level!

Download the Forq App for Homemade Sundae Toppings

Don’t forget to use the Forq app to find more homemade sundae toppings! Or, you could fall flavorsalways take a snackshot of your delicious sundae for all to see. Look for any of the recipes we’ve listed above or search for your own. Our app has recipes for every occasion from delicious winter soup recipes to comforting Southern-inspired sides. Thousands of people have uploaded their favorite recipes to the app, so you know whichever you choose is going to come out great. If you have a favorite recipe, make sure to upload it for others to use, too!

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