February 12, 2018 Sarah Lefebvre

The Top Tips for Finding the Most Romantic Foods to Cook

If your other half is a foodie, the way to their heart is probably through their stomach! Whether you enjoy cooking together in the kitchen or just eating delicious cuisine, food brings us closer together. It doesn’t matter if it’s an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or any regular day; food can set the scene for romance. Let these ideas for romantic foods to cook point you in the right direction!

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The Top Tips for Finding the Most Romantic Foods to Cook

Hearts, Hearts, and more Hearts

heart cookiesYou would be surprised at how many foods can be made in the shape of a heart! All you need is a little creativity. One of my personal favorites is pizza. You can either try to put the dough itself into the shape of a heart or you can arrange your toppings in the heart shape. Pepperoni and veggies are great for that! Other foods that are easy to shape are pancakes, sugar cookies, and basically anything that you can alter the shape of while still keeping it delicious.

Red–The Color of Romance

When we think of the color of romance, we automatically think of the color red. Why not give your romantic foods to cook the color too? Start off with a classic red food: Red Velvet Cake. With the delicious cream cheese frosting, rich red color, and amazing flavor, this cake screams romance. You can even make smaller cupcakes instead! When attempting for romantic foods, food coloring is your friend. You can even use red dye in your pancakes and make them into a heart shape for a double whammy!

Keep it Easy

While you might want to go all out and cook an extravagant meal for your loved one, spaghetti
sometimes putting time and effort into something delicious is best. One of my favorite date night meals is spaghetti with homemade sauce. A good sauce has to simmer for hours, so your sweetheart will know you put in time and effort. Plus it will taste great! Crack open a bottle of wine and replay the spaghetti scene from Disney’s classic Lady and the Tramp.

Set the Mood

Whatever romantic foods to cook you choose for your sweetheart, they are sure to appreciate it. Set the mood to make your meal truly special. A few candles can go a long way! Imagine getting home to the table set, candles lit, and soft music playing. I know I’d be happy, even if all I was getting is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

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