October 23, 2017 Sarah Lefebvre

These are the Best Easy Winter Soup Recipes

When I think of soup, I think of comfort. There’s nothing that warms my insides better than a delicious bowl of soup! Not only is it a delicious meal, it can also be very healthy and easy to make. A lot of the times, soup just requires you to throw ingredients together in a big pot or crockpot. Sometimes, you can even let it cook all day to let the flavors combine beautifully! Plus, it can easily be stored in the fridge or freezer and be reheated. Here are some of our favorite easy winter soup recipes here at FORQ Inc.!

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5 of the Best Easy Winter Soup Recipes

1. Hungarian Beef and Potato Soup

This Hungarian Beef and Potato Soup is hearty and delicious! The beef and potatoes make it filling enough to be an entire meal. The directions on this soup are simple, it it takes less than a half hour to fully cook on the stove!

2. Broccoli Cheddar Soupmfp_e69884f2d61e18ddb509835e27d34a72DSC_0644

Broccoli Cheddar Soup is one of my favorite soups because of the comforting factor. I just can’t get enough! With the directions clearly spelled out, this is one of the easiest Broccoli Cheddar Soup recipes I have ever made. Plus, it’s delicious in a bread bowl!

3. Taco Soup

Who doesn’t love tacos? I consider this Taco Soup more like a chili than a soup, but who am I to judge? The sour cream and cheddar cheese on top make it extra delicious. I like to add some tortilla chips, too! This particular recipe calls for no fresh produce that needs chopping, so it’s incredibly easy.

4. Red Lentil and Potato Soup

I have recently discovered my love for Lentil Soup, and this Red Lentil and Potato Soup takes the cake! Lentil Soup is incredibly filling, not to mention healthy. Plus, this particular recipe can be Vegan if you take out the bacon! If you choose to do so, you might just need a little extra salt.

5. French Onion Soup

I think I love French Onion Soup so much because it’s like a grown-up grilled cheese and soup combo. You have a delicious soup hiding underneath thick bread and melted cheese! It’s more than enough for an entire meal, plus it warms you right up after a chilly day. Add a little fancy soup to your dinner this week.

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