August 16, 2017 Sarah Lefebvre

We Know How to Make Easy School Lunches

School is one of the most important times in a child’s life. Not only are they learning important subjects like math and history, they are also developing on a personal and physical level. As a parent, there is only so much you can control during the school day, but one of those things is your child’s lunch! There are so many easy school lunches out there that won’t take up hours of your time or break the bank. Plus, you can easily make them ahead of time! Meal prepping for the kids at the beginning of the week can ensure that they are getting the nutrients they need while keeping it easy for you.

There is nothing more upsetting than a kid returning home with a full lunch. What can you do to stop that from happening? The Forq app is here to help! There are tons of ideas for easy school lunches, like the ones we have found for you below!

Start with Some Fruits, Veggies, and Dip

Fruits and veggies are an important part of any diet, especially a growing child! Fruits and vegetables contain important vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals well as fiber. They help prevent cancer, diabetes and heart disease. They even combat obesity, which is a rising epidemic in America. Therefore, easy school lunches should contain some sliced fruits and veggies. Sometimes kids will eat a bag of carrot sticks on their own, but the easy school luncheseasiest way to ensure that they will get eaten is to give them a tasty dip!

A great, healthy dip to include in their lunch is hummus, like this Caramelized Onion Hummus. It goes geat with tons of different veggies like baby carrots, sliced peppers, and even raw broccoli! Make a batch for the week, and then switch up the veggies in their lunchbox each day. You can also include apple slices with peanut butter mixed with honey for a sweet fruit dip, or try a classic ranch for veggies. We recommend making your own ranch, because that way you’ll know there are no preservatives, funky ingredients, or dyes in the dressing!

Add Some Crunchy Sides

For years, chips have been a staple of school lunches. If you made the hummus, include some pita chips to dip in it as well. Kids need carbohydrates to stay energized throughout the day! You can also send them to school with some tortilla chips and fresh guacamole. Avocados are full of healthy fats as well as vitamins and minerals!

The Main Course

The main course is probably the most difficult to prepare out of all the items in easy school lunches. Keep it simple by making the classic PB & J. Peanut butter provides great protein, just make sure that there isn’t a ton of added sugar in it! There’s always the classic lunch of a sandwich or a wrap, like this Crisp Veggie and Turkey Rollup. It’s always easy to incorporate leftovers into lunches as well. Take last night’s grilled chicken and put it in a wheat wrap with some lettuce and caesar dressing, or chop it up and put it on top of a salad. Just make sure to put the dressing on the side so it won’t get soggy! As long as the main course is protein-based for some long-term energy, you are good to go!

Dessert in Easy School Lunches

The easiest way to give your child a sweet treat is to buy a pack of twinkles at the store, but they are packed full of preservatives and chemicals that a child probably shouldn’t consume on a daily basis! For a healthy and easy sweet treat, you can make chia pudding. You pretty much pour almond or coconut milk over chia seeds and let them sit and expand overnight, then top with fresh fruit for sweetness. Chia seeds are high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Or, you can always go the classic route and pack a cookie or two! These No-Bake Cookies do not even need time in the oven– super easy.

Download the Forq App for More food recipe appEasy School Lunches

Don’t forget to use the Forq app to find more recipes for easy school lunches! Thousands of people have uploaded their favorite recipes to the app, so you know whichever you choose is going to come out great. Check out Forq’s FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for even more foodie news and recipes.

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