Getting Ready for National Margarita Weekend!


That’s right foodie friends, this weekend we’re all celebrating! It’s National Margarita Weekend! Now let’s celebrate by uncapping that tequila, slicing those limes, and salting those rims.

We all love food. And what goes better with food than a good drink! The Forq app isn’t just for food recipes; there are drink recipes too! In preparation for National Margarita Weekend, I searched through the Forq app to find a Classic Margarita Recipe:


1 1/2 oz tequila

1/2 oz triple sec (or Grand Marnier)

2 oz sour mix

1/2 oz lime juice

limes for garnish



1) Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake

2) Rub the rim of glass with lime, then dip in margarita salt

3) Add ice to glass

4) Pour shaken margarita in the glass and garnish with lime wedge

Yum! Margaritas are my drink of choice. And believe me, there is a difference between a good marg and a bad marg. It makes a huge difference if you make a margarita yourself versus just buying margarita mix and calling it a day!

Now for a lesson in ~tequila~. I know it can be a scary alcohol– my own tequila-893504_960_720mother will not even touch it after a bad experience she had with it over twenty years ago! So here’s the deal: tequila is an alcohol that comes only from the blue agave plant. Tequila’s cousin, mezcal, can be made from any type of agave. Therefore, all tequilas are technically mezcals, but mezcal is not tequila. Confused? Don’t be! Mezcal’s agave plants are cooked underground, giving it a distinct smokey flavor different from most tequilas. So should you use mezcal in your margaritas? Probably not!

There are also three types of tequilas: silver, reposado, and añejo. This is IMG_5433all based off of how long the tequilas are aged. Silvers can be aged up to two months. These are the tequilas that have the distinct “tequila taste.” They’re also the cheapest and the kind that should be used while making your margaritas. Don’t waste money on an aged tequila when making a mixed drink with it! Reposado is the middle of the road tequila and is my personal favorite. Aged between 2-11 months, it is usually darker in color and becomes much smoother than silver. Añejo is aged for at least one year. It becomes much smoother and much more complex, making it the type of spirit you are supposed to sip on. It also begins to take the flavor of the barrel it is aged in, sometimes resembling an alcohol like a cognac more than a tequila.


So for your margaritas this weekend, I definitely recommend a silver tequila. Jose Cuervo may be the most popular, but I recommend trying something new. Jose Gold is artificially dyed with gold coloring; I like my tequila to be 100% pure blue agave. My favorite cost-effective tequila is Espolòn Tequila. It has a pure agave taste that is perfect for margaritas. Another option I recommend is Milagro Tequila. A tad bit more expensive than Espolòn, its smoothness will make the perfect drink.

Potato Love

Today is by far my favorite food holiday– National Potato Lover’s Day. potato-165648_960_720Who doesn’t love potatoes?! They are arguably the most underrated food; most of us take potatoes for granted. I’ll share a secret with you… If I had to choose one dish to eat for the rest of my life, I’d choose mashed potatoes. They’re so buttery and delicious– I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! On National Potato Lover’s Day, let’s show this ordinary ingredient some love and make it extra special.


Mashed Potatoes

Like I said, my favorite food ever is good ol’ mashed potatoes. I’ve tasted good mashed and I’ve had bad… I’ve made good mashed and I’ve made bad! Growing up, I was lucky enough to have a mother that had mastered the art of mashed potato making. Some tips she gave me definitely helped perfect my own process. In honor of National Potato Lover’s Day, it is my pleasure to share them today with you!

  1. When making mashed potatoes, make sure to cut your peeled potato cubes into equal sizes so they all cook thoroughly together.
  2. Place your cubes in the pot, then cover them with cold water. From there, bring it to a boil and then let them simmer.
  3. Salting the water while you cook your potatoes will help you season them afterward.
  4. Add butter that is pre-melted or room temp, not from the refrigerator. Also, heating milk or cream helps it mix better and won’t cool your potatoes down.
  5. Do not over mix! Overly toying with your potatoes will make them super starchy and get that gummy texture none of us like.

If you’re thinking of honoring National Potato Lover’s Day like I

Baked Parmesan Fingerling Potato Fries

Baked Parmesan Fingerling Potato Fries

am, there are tons of recipes on the Forq app! Just type in “potato” in the search bar and scroll through potato recipes until you get some potatoey inspiration. I’m personally debating if I’m going to go with my favorite mashed potatoes or if I’m going to try out a new Baked Parmesan Fingerling Potato Fries recipe I just found on Forq!

Super Bowl Snacks


Super Bowl LI is Sunday! I have to admit, I am not an avid football fan. I get roped into watching some games and I watch the Super Bowl every year… but pretty much just for the commercials! And also, of course, the Super Bowl party food.

My friends and I have been planning our Super Bowl party for weeks now. I’m hosting at my house, which will be a first for me! Usually my friends and I end up at someone else’s house with cheap beers and get a few pizzas delivered, but not this year! This year, we’re doing the food the right way.

In my experience, the classiest thing I’ve ever eaten at a Super Bowl party was some of the wilted carrot sticks dipped in ranch. This year, my friends and I are going to go a little classier. My menu isn’t quite finalized, but I’ve searched through the Forq app for some options!

Cheesy Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Cheesy Spinach and Artichoke Dip

First, while watching any game, I think there should always be some dip. My personal favorite is this Cheesy Spinach and Artichoke Dip. This recipe suggests to dip Triscuits or veggies, but I love to dip corn chips! Another great dip to serve with tortillas or even bell peppers is this Jalapeño Dip. The recipe calls for the seeds to be removed from the jalapeños, but if you like it spicy I suggest to keep them! All the spice is in those seeds. And if yo

Charleston Cheese Dip

Charleston Cheese Dip

u’re going to have corn chips out, you might as well have some classic Guacamole! Fresh guac is always a crowd pleaser. If you want to get even fancier, these Guacamole Deviled Eggs are sure to please as well! The last dip


I’ll share with you today is this delicious Charleston Cheese Dip. The top is sprinkled with bacon, so what’s not to love!

Next, let’s get into some ~fancier~ food. There’s nothing wrong with

BBQ Popcorn Chicken

BBQ Popcorn Chicken

ordering pizza or wings, but I think there’s so much opportunity for some easy finger foods! In place of messy wings, I’m thinking this BBQ Popcorn Chicken. With some ranch on the side– yum! Next, these 3-Ingredient Mini Stuffed Peppers are super cute, super easy, and super tasty! Last but not least, I think these Mini Brie Bites could be a huge hit. They’re easy and delicious, and perfect to pick at!

Mini Brie Bites

Mini Brie Bites

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