December 6, 2016 Sarah Lefebvre

Cookies Cookies Cookies

bake-1786926_960_720Happy December! Thanksgiving has passed, so now we are in the heart of the holidays. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And what comes with the most wonderful time of the year? Food! Thanksgiving kickstarted this time of eating, and now we must continue. I have found that the most prevalent food around the holidays seems to be cookies.


Decorated Christmas cookies

I love cookies. And I love them even more around the holidays. Some of the fondest holiday memories I have include cookies. Eating, baking, decorating… Traditions have been formed around something as simple as cookies. The day before Christmas Eve, my mom, dad, brother and I would gather to make a batch of gingerbread to leave out for Santa. The very next day on Christmas Eve, my grandmother would wake up insanely early and bake hundreds of sugar cookies for my extended family to decorate with bags of icing. As I got older and more capable, it became more and more of a competition of who could make the most creative cookie. And of course, there were purposeful mess-ups that just had to be eaten that second. Not to mention the plates and plates of cookies my family would receive as gifts or exchanges of cookies… We could have lived off of cookies in the month of December- we practically did!

What cookies are you going to make this holiday season? This week I will be uploading my family’s gingerbread recipe to the Forq app– you should too! If you don’t know what cookies to make this year or are looking to try something new, the Forq app has tons of recipes that people have shared!


Sugar cookies with sprinkles

Let’s start with some classics. When I think of the holidays, I think of Roll Out Sugar Cookies.  Yes, they take time because they have to be refrigerated, but it’s so worth it! They’re super easy to make festive for the holidays because you can get a cookie cutter literally in any shape. You can just sprinkle some holiday colored sprinkles or colored sugar on top, or get the whole family together and frost them.

Another popular holiday flavor is ginger, like these Gingersnap Cookies. There’s something about the spiciness of a cookie that warms your bones from the cold and gets you excited for the holidays. Another classic cookie that requires some spice are Snickerdoodles. They’re chewy and beautiful and bathed in cinnamon sugar; what could be better!


Linzer Cookies

Next, we have the classic Linzer Cookies. I’ve grown up with these around Christmas time, but I have not yet gotten the chance to make them myself! There are tons of variations as well, so I’m sure that there’s one that suits you! You can always switch out the jam in the middle to your favorite; mine has always been blackberry. They go perfectly with a cup of coffee or tea. Another cookie that reminds me of these are Stained Glass Cookies. They are similar to the Linzer Cookie because they too have a shape in the middle; they are sugar cookies with a shape in the middle filled with colored sugar to look like “stained glass.” Super festive!

Next, let’s talk about some lesser known (but still super tasty) cookies! These Cranberry-Orange Pinwheel Cookies are delicious and beautiful! The coloring on them makes them perfect for the holidays. These Buttery Pecan Cookies also remind me of the holidays. They remind me of a buttery pecan pie.

These are only a few of the many cookies on the Forq app. You should definitely check them out, and even upload your own to share! I have my favorites, but I’m constantly trying out new cookies every holiday.

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