November 15, 2016 Sarah Lefebvre

Ins-pie-rational Recipes


Fall is in full swing, Thanksgiving is just around the corner… the smell of pie should be in the air! Pie is a favorite dessert at any time of year, but it’s especially prevalent around the holidays. Well, the holidays are pretty much here! I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Thanksgiving dinner where I didn’t hear someone say, “make sure you save room for pie!”

This past week, I made a pie on my own for the first time ever from scratch, crust and all! I have helped make pies countless times with my grandmother, but never all on my own. That is, if you consider me sitting back and watching her bake “helping.” Making pies with my grandmother pretty much consists mostly of her giving me one easy

My adorable, pie-expert grandma

My adorable, pie-expert grandma

job, such as measuring out the sugar or peeling the apples, while she does all the rest. I can’t blame her, making pie is scary! But in the end it’s worth it; there are few things better than a homemade pie. Without her teachings, I definitely would not have been as successful!

Unfortunately, you do not all have my grandmother to teach you how to make a perfect pie. I can’t complain about her pie-making methods; she is one of the sweetest, cutest women I know. But I would love to share her pie-making secrets with you! I have uploaded her recipes for apple pie filling and pie crust onto the Forq app. Those recipes plus my grandma’s tips and tricks should get you the perfect pie! It worked for me!

Grandma’s Tricks for Perfect Apple Filling:

  • The best apples to use are Macintosh, Granny Smith, or a mix of both apples for the filling. (I personally used just Macs because they are sweeter.)
  • If you choose to use just Granny Smith, add a tsp of water or so to your filling. You don’t have to if you use Macs because they’re naturally super juicy!
  • Sprinkle flour into the apples- more for Macs, less for Macs/Granny Smith, even less for just Granny Smith.
  • Make your filling first so the apples have time to sit and cure in the sugar.

Grandma’s Tricks for Perfect Pie Crust:

  • Make sure to mix shortening and flour before adding water, using a fork. Make sure particles are pea sized before adding water.
  • Make sure water is ice cold. Consider adding an ice cube to a dish of water, then using a tablespoon to spoon your water into your dough from there.
  • Do not overdo with water! Add it one tbs at a time, until pastry almost cleans to the side of the bowl. Too much and it will get sticky and hard to handle.

    Roll between wax paper so it doesn't stick!

    Roll between wax paper so it doesn’t stick!

  • Use wax paper to roll out dough. Divide the dough and put one half between two sheets of wax paper to begin rolling. When removing the dough, all you have to do is be cautious removing the paper!
  • When the bottom half of the dough is in the pie pan, make sure to poke the bottom with a fork a few times for ventilation.

My pie

My grandma gave me a few more tips, like to pinch the crust between pointer finger and thumb to get the curved edges. She also gave me the optional tip to use condensed milk toward the end of cooking to make the crust extra golden. I used all her tips and my pie came out really well! It may not be the prettiest pie ever, but it sure tasted great. Hopefully you can use a few of these tricks and tips if not all when you make your next pie!

Below are a few more pie recipes found on Forq. If you have a favorite pie, make sure to share it on the app! And remember, my Grandma’s pie crust recipe can go with any filling!









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