October 25, 2016 Sarah Lefebvre

Hungry Halloween

I constantly struggle with choosing my favorite season. Usually, my answer would be summer without any hesitation, but there is something intriguingly magical about the fall. The leaves have begun to change here in New England and there is a chill in the air. Plus, two of my favorite holidays happen to take place during the fall: Thanksgiving (duh, food) and Halloween.

Halloween is just around the corner and yes, I have been planning my costume for months! I’ve always loved the concept of giving and getting candy; I was one of those kids who still trick or treated when I was definitely too old to do so. Halloween may have some scary connotations; I myself do not like being chased by ghosts out of haunted houses, but there is so much more to it than that. It is about coming together as a community and as friends for one night out of the year. It is about dressing up and having fun, being generous with the candy, and laughing together at all the adorable kids walking around the neighborhoods in their little costumes.

Nothing can get you into more of a Halloween spirit than food! I’ve found some ~spooky~ recipes on the Forq app that can help you out of you’re stumped! Be creative and make it festive; no one can say no to food! It’s super easy to take your favorite recipes and make them scream Halloween.

I have found one of the easiest ways to turn a recipe from standard to Halloween is to get some Halloween themes cookie cutters. Using this sugar cookie recipe, get a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter and frost them with some orange frosting made with this frosting recipe, or a bat shaped cookie cutter with these chocolate brownie flavored cookies. The shapes are fun and festive as well as tasty! They will automatically be a hit.


Halloween themed cookie cutters are an easy and adorable way to make any cookie scream Halloween!

Another automatic favorite are cupcakes; you can never go wrong with this tasty treat. You can use the boxed kind or this decadent yellow cupcake recipe. You can easily dye the cupcakes a festive black and orange by dividing the batter, coloring half orange and half black with food coloring, then layering the two in the cupcake cups. Again you can use this frosting recipe that is easily dyeable if you so desire, then sprinkle with candies like Halloween colored shots and candy corn. If you’re not a huge fan of yellow cake, these chocolate cupcakes will suffice, they just won’t be colored.

I can’t stress it enough; you can pretty much make any recipe fit for any holiday if you just use a little creativity! Take this vanilla caramel corn for example. Follow the recipe, but throw in some candy corn and orange and black sprinkles to automatically adapt it to fit the Halloween theme! The same thing goes for this salted chocolate caramel pretzel bark. You can use the recipe as is, or add some Halloween sprinkles to create some pizazz.

Another tasty recipe that can easily be transferred into Halloween-mode are these Oreo cookie balls. Yes, the recipe says to dip them in melted semi-sweet chocolate, but try dipping them in white chocolate instead! Add some skeleton faces and you automatically have skeleton Oreo balls. Or, use food coloring to color the white chocolate orange, add a green leaf on top, and voilà, you have mini pumpkin-shaped  Oreo balls!

I’m sure there are hundreds of more recipes on the Forq app that could be made over into the spirit of Halloween. Just remember that simple things like color go a long way! I hope that you all go through Forq and use the recipes to create some of your own tasty treats!