A New and Improved FORQ

Food. When you hear the word, what do you think of? That steak you grilled yesterday? Grandma’s dumplings you crave? Mom’s mashed potatoes and gravy? Food has had an enormous impact on all of our lives, even if it sometimes flies under the radar. When I think about it, tons of my memories growing up have something to do with food. I can remember waiting for my dad to come home from work so we could gather around the dinner table together as a family, homemade chicken noodle soup when I was sick… I can even remember the highlight of one family party being the first time my grandfather ever showed me how to cook a hotdog on a stick over the fire, followed by way too many s’mores. Food is a part of every day, and FORQ is here to help.

We know how important food is here at FORQ, so we’ve added a few things and updated some others to make the experience even better for you. Nervous you won’t know your way around the app? Don’t worry- our new tutorial screens are there to lead the way!

As always, you can upload all your favorite recipes without having to type a thing. All you have to do is take a picture of the food, the ingredients, and the directions, and voilà! Just like magic, your recipe will be uploaded and archived just for you. Not quite sure which button is to upload? Don’t stress, the tutorial page is there to help. It will show you which buttons do what. Click the “upload” tab, and your options will appear!

Another upload tab option is a “snackshot.” It’s perfect for that super tasty bowl of guacamole that was so perfectly garnished you just have to show it off. Just snap a picture and upload it to “snackshots” to share your picture with friends, family, and other FORQ users!


Cooking is always more fun together, so we have expanded the social aspect of your FORQ experience. You can find friends to see what they’ve uploaded or invite friends to experience the magic of FORQ with you. If you have foodie friends, I highly recommend it. Not sure where to start? Try the “discover” tab- you can scroll through all the recipes, snackshots, and find foodies just like yourself. Like something you see? There’s the option to follow that person so you don’t miss the next amazing recipe they share.

FORQ is the gateway between the old and the new. It can store all your recipes you’ve been keeping for years as well as help you discover the new ones. You can use your secret BBQ rib recipe and pair it with your foodie friend’s pasta salad recipe at your next picnic, then share the snackshot with your followers! FORQ is food, shared.

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