Turning up the HEAT for Memorial Day

It’s happening. It’s *really* happening. If you’ve been in one of those climates where winter carried on pounding the landscape as if it would never end, the arrival of Memorial Day brings (what we hope) is the promise that colder days are now a memory, it’s safe to put out the garden furniture for the summer, and it’s time (o joy!) for fried chicken and coleslaws. And beer on the patio with friends. And summer berry pies. And taking the kids out for ice cream on the weekend. And berry picking. And canning pickles… And – well, I could go on. Summer is as much about summer food as it is summer heat, and we are looking forward to a feast of bright flavors and indulgence as we throw ourselves into the coming months — and it all begins with our beloved Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Celebrating Memorial Day: The Classics

Some of you have traditions written in stone for Memorial Day. Others, like myself, never really had a family routine for that particular holiday and you can find yourself wondering what to do. How to celebrate? What is everyone *else* doing on Memorial Day Monday? The great thing about this holiday is you are free to enjoy your first Summer Monday in any way that brings you and your family summer happiness. A hike in the woods? A beach day? A picnic in the park? Barbecue with friends? Open Studios in the city? However you go about it, plan ahead so the food is special and centered on the vegetables and fruits that are just coming in to season.

We’ve put together here some possible menus you can use for any of these classic Memorial Day Events. Riff, improvise, edit, and embellish in whatever way suits your tribe. But if you do — make sure to share your final meal design on Forq!

Menu Ideas:

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The Backyard Barbecue

Creative design from the South

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