Snack Bars Keep it Real, Allow for Innovation, and Encourage (Moderated) Excess. We love them!

You can do just about anything with a snack bar — and our Forq Foodies can prove it!

The snack bar is a beautiful recipe creation. With many of the same basic ingredients, it’s final form and identity is entirely versatile, whether it’s more dessert, more health bar, a breakfast replacement, a basic barrier to hunger, or a glorious submission to decadence and excess. We love the bar partly because you can go wild with the recipe and still to keep it in the ‘just a snack’ column depending on how small you cut the portions. It’s just not cake, not pie – not the same sort of thing at all. It’s more of an allusion to those things, a suggestion that excess is possible, but that *this* isn’t going to get you in the same sort of trouble…

Now, amazingly, we are seeing more and more being done to make the time-honored, pan-dish ‘snack bar’ into a much more health-conscious ‘clean food’ and here at Forq, we are incredibly excited about the evolution of the snack bar in this direction. What’s even better is how easy the final form of any bar-based recipe really is to change. This is not delicate cooking that requires a careful ratio of wet to dry; a hold-your-breath wait to see if the batter rises. This food is intentionally dense, forgiving, filled with ingredients that can be swapped out at will to continue the bar’s evolution into either your perfect daily afternoon standby, or the outrageous dessert you never knew you wanted but now can’t live without. Bars are fantastic projects for home cooks and at Forq, we are all about being in the driver’s seat and continually experimenting.

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