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So what is Forq?

Forq is a food-sharing app for food lovers and cooking enthusiasts. Forq produces a digital recipe library from photographs of your handwritten recipe cards and paper files (you know all those magazine tearouts you’ve been meaning to do something with?).

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Upload photos of food or handwritten recipes.
Forq will do the rest!

Enjoying a delicious meal you want to recreate at home? Take a photo of the recipe and upload it to Forq. Forq will magically convert the image of your recipe to a beautifully formatted and searchable digital recipe, ready to share. The magic also works on handwritten recipe cards! Take a photo of a handwritten recipe card. Upload it. Boom: Forq gives you a digital recipe to keep forever, while preserving a photo of the handwritten version.

And don’t worry, you can keep your secret ingredients under wraps by marking the recipe ‘private’.

A Global Palette:
Recipes for Every Taste, Occasion and Diet

Find exactly what you’re looking for. Quickly search through your own recipes you’ve uploaded to the app, or discover new favorites by searching using popular tags. You can find dishes that are vegan, halal, kosher, low carb, low fat, or all of the above.

Forq gives you a global palette of recipes offering adventure, comfort, celebration–whatever you’re looking for!

Nutrition Facts,
Included Automatically

Not only does Forq integrate the recipe to your recipe library, Forq also automatically calculates the nutrition facts for all recipes you store in the app. Get the calories and composition for any recipe in the app, customizable by serving size.

Share Your Snackshots™

Whether dining out with friends at your favorite restaurant or presenting a meal you’ve poured heart and soul into in your own kitchen, share your food adventure with the world: take a Snackshot™! Forq Snackshots™—photos of meals the surprise and delight you—allow friends, family and Forq foodies to share the experience, marvel at the world’s food, and shoot you the high fives your meals deserve.

Order. Eat. Snackshot™. Then do it all over again. Download Forq to get started!

Once you find a tasty creation you want to share, simply choose to share it with other forq users, or via email, text, with Twitter or on Facebook. It is that easy to eat the things you love, and share them privately, or publicly.

Join the Forq Revolution!

Get cooking! Give us your feedback! Try the food. Upload to the app the recipes you can’t do without. Share your snackshots. Forq is food–and you make it better!

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